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Financial Divorce Settlements

Reaching a financial solution on divorce or separation is often the most complicated part of the process. There are a number of different issues to consider and as specialists we can advise you on the best approach to take with your settlement.

Both parties are required to provide a full and frank disclosure of their finances and an agreement must be reached, with or without court intervention. This is why it’s extremely important to take expert legal advice to make sure you get a fair financial settlement.

Our expertise allows us to combine excellent negotiation and mediation skills with tough litigation strategy to handle the most intricate of financial affairs. We have extensive experience of cases involving large companies, partnerships, agricultural assets, off-shore investments and trusts, as well as commercial and international property.

We can also help with interim financial provision if your spouse is not supporting you financially. We will make an emergency application to the court when necessary to require your spouse to pay you a monthly sum until the divorce is brought to conclusion. In addition, we can seek an order that your spouse assist you in meeting your legal cost of the divorce process if required.

If there is a risk your spouse may be trying to hide or dispose of assets, we can also arrange for injunctions, which will freeze assets until the divorce has been concluded.

We have conducted litigation for clients from all types of backgrounds from leaders in their fields to doctors, local business men, politicians, hoteliers and even other lawyers. Each case and each client requires excellent service and a unique bespoke solution. We will always do our utmost to obtain the best settlement possible for clients and will use all of our expertise to do so.