42% of marriages now end in divorce across Wales and England and couples spend more than £44,000 on average on when they divorce or separate including lifestyle changes as well as legal fees.

Achieving a fair decision of all financial issues surrounding a divorce or dissolution of a registered partnership is stressful.

A study from Aviva shows the hidden cost of divorce as £21,979 per person or £43,958 per couple. The figures reveal a 57% increase since the study was last carried out in 2006 when the cost of divorce was around £28,000. While the data suggests legal fees for divorce have fallen over the period – from £1,818 to £1,280 – with many opting for substandard online services, additional costs such as moving house and child maintenance payments mean the overall price of separation has risen.

Considering the core costs of a divorce, studies viewed additional expenses that people may buy following or during a divorce.

Goods and delights

The study found 13% took a holiday to celebrate their newly single status at a typical cost of £1,925, while the same (13%) treated themselves to new technology, spending an average of £1,292 on gadgets and devices. A small portion (4%) spent an average of £1,067 on jewellery.

For 53% of couples took longer than six months to settle financial matters and four out of ten respondents said they were financially worse off following their separation. The typical time to settle after a divorce was 11.5 months. One in ten couples (11%) stated the process took more than two years.


Divorce is an emotional process for anyone going through it and for some, therefore counselling can provide a great amount of help. 4% of people decides to go on counselling or therapy following their divorce, costing £1,063 per person on average. Talking to someone about what you are going through and allowing them to help you get through it can help you through the process.

Health Insurance Coverage

You may already have health insurance coverage; however, this may be an added expense if you only have health insurance coverage through your spouse’s employment benefits. That coverage will change after the divorce; therefore, it is advised looking into any coverage your employer may provide.

Child maintenance costs and extras 

When a couple divorce, usually there are children involved. Therefore, living arrangements and child maintenance costs need to be solved, including additional expenses. Child maintenance costs £4,606 annually for the paying parent and 15% of people paid £1,222 for entertainment and gifts for children.

Child Maintenance Service can calculate how much child maintenance one parent should pay the other if you can’t agree on a payment.

There are several factors that they will consider:

  • How many children you have
  • The income of the paying parent
  • How much time is spent with the paying parent, whether the paying parent is paying child maintenance for other children

Divorce is a legal process, however there is so much more to it than the legalities. If you are getting a divorce, we can advise on all aspects of your case, including what you may face afterwards. For further information on the complex sides of divorce, dissolution, and Family Laws contact us on 01983 632006 or email info@michaelspoors.co.uk.