1. Start early

When relationship breakdown it can be one of the most stressful times of your life. If you plan to take legal advice, then plan early so that you can focus on resolving issues. Be calm and focused and hopefully you can achieve a quicker successful resolution.

2. The children should always come first

If there are children involved in the case, then they should always be the priority. Their welfare should be the first thing you consider when you make decisions. They are often the most effected member of the family when it comes to divorce and will remember the experience for the rest of their lives. The Court considers the children’s welfare to be of the up most importance in any case, so consider them first.

3. Be respectful

Family disputes that have gone as far as a solicitor are very difficult and stressful situations to overcome, full of emotion and it can be difficult to be respectful towards those who have hurt you. However, if you are rudeness or abusive behaviour will only deter your ex-partner from negotiating. Revenge can often be self- destructive especially if there are children involved as you may still need to deal with your ex-partner in the future.

4. Be honest

Always be open and honest with your family law solicitor. If you hide information, it will result in increased costs and animosity as well as lengthier disputes. It’s our job to work with the truth to give you the best result we can and during the process everything always comes out so it’s always best to be honest with your solicitor.

5. Think about the long and short term

Don’t just consider the short term but also long-term arrangements. What you arrange for the children now will not likely affect you when they are adults so aim for a result that works both now and in the future for you.

6. Compromise

Agreeing to decisions whether big or small is the only way to reach a settlement. If issues fail to be resolved then you will likely end up in expensive, stressful, and costly Court proceedings. Is it important who gets the fridge? Pick your battles and consider where it is best to exert your energy and spend your legal costs.

7. Think about settlements

Blunt rejection to offers to settle can sometimes make matters worse. Consider all offers carefully. On the most part initial offers will not be acceptable, but it could give you something to work with moving forward. Likewise, don’t accept an offer without fully considering it then you may find yourself worse off. It is a balancing act but consider all offers.

8. Why go to court?

Going to court is an expensive exercise and is often not the best for either party. We will always help you consider all your options and sometime the best option is the wait rather than go straight to court. Equally sometimes you do need to take immediate action. Be considerate of all the options presented to you and consider what is in the best interest of you and your family.

9. Don’t assume that what works for someone else will work for you

Every relationship is different. Everyone has different reasons for breaking up along with different finances and dependants. What has worked for your neighbour may not work for you. There are so many factors to consider that every case is different and so come with an open mind and help us get the right result for you and your family.

10. Look to the future

Don’t focus on the pass and pass actions and blame which can hamper your ability to negotiate with a clear head. Look to the future and focus on life after your case when you can move on. Consider the outcome you want and work towards that rather than trying to punish your ex-partner for the past.