The vast majority of firms of solicitors both on the Isle of Wight and further afield provide legal services in many different areas by way of a general law practice. There are only a handful of firms who provide a specialist family law service.

Michael Spoors Solicitors provides clients with the option of instead instructing a specialist who deals only with family law matters. Specialisation allows our solicitors to provide a bespoke service of the highest quality to our clients as we have specific knowledge and experience in this branch of law. We are able to offer clients clear advice that is tailored to their particular situation and our experience of both court and non-court dispute resolution allows us to plan a strategy to deal with the matter from our initial instruction through to resolution. Dealing with cases in this way achieves the best possible outcomes for our clients.

We offer advice on all areas of family law including divorce, dissolution and associated financial matters, private children law and disputes between unmarried partners. We can also provide advice in respect in respect of pre and postnuptial agreements, including drafting a document to protect against disputes arising in the event of a marriage breaking down. We understand that costs are a significant concern for many clients and we will always discuss how to meet costs at the outset.

Some firms offer a free initial consultation to clients who have assets or income above a certain level but we offer every new client a free appointment regardless of their financial position. This provides the opportunity for prospective clients to obtain preliminary advice on their situation and to meet with us and decide whether we are the right firm to deal with their case.