We are a specialist family law practice based on the High Street in Newport. We deal with divorce, financial distribution on divorce, children matters and disputes between unmarried partners in addition to a broad range of other family based matters. Our solicitors have specific knowledge and
experience in this particular branch of law that only comes with specialisation. We have created the largest family specialist law firm on the Isle of Wight because we believe being geared towards this area of law will provide clients with the best service, best outcomes and will therefore allow the firm to excel.

We only tackle family law matters. We set up from the beginning to deal with simple, complex, small scale and large value matters. We have clients who own millions in assets and others who simply want a speedy resolution without complexity and delay. We hope matters can be dealt with through
correspondence, but if not we deal with court work and settlement by other means if necessary.

We have sought out and put in place the best staff, IT systems, service procedures and connections that are honed to provide us with the resources to deal with these types of cases.

So why should you use a specialist? A general practitioner can give broad advice on a range subjects but cannot give the advice and insight that comes with specialisation. We therefore offer more accurate and reliable advice and provide strategy and tactics only a practitioner who deals with
these matters daily can provide. This will almost always result in a better, faster and more workable solution. It is also, for those reasons, less expensive when outcomes are compared.

We offer free initial consultations in order to allow prospective clients to obtain some initial advice on their situation. This provides the opportunity to meet with us and discuss how we can help and what outcome they can expect. We rarely come across a prospective client who chooses to use another practice though we actively encourage people to compare us to other firms.